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Samantha Gash Workout Classes


Product Description

Membership options:

  • Online Training 5x/week
    Unlimited hours: $125.00
    -You will receive 4 days of workouts + 1 active recovery day drill. We will be on a 4 day split with 2 upper and 2 lower body focused days. With the focus on an upper "Push" day and then a upper "Pull" day.

    - Accountability/ check ins from me from 10am-8pm Monday- Friday to answer any questions.

    Online Training 5x/week + Meal
    Unlimited minutes: $225
    - You will receive a specialized workout program + a nutrition plan that you will be able to follow. Macronutrients will be calculated and a plan will be made in order to reach your fitness goals.

    - Like the other program, you will have 4 days of workouts and then 1 active recovery day.

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