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Christina Widmark Private Sessions Membership


Product Description

Classes and Pricing

Group Training:
Group training will cover upper body class, core class, and leg class each week. The class schedule will be posted to our Facebook group every Sunday. If motivation is what you need, this is the perfect place to find it!

  • Drop-in rate: $20/class
  • 8 classes/month: $130–Choose your 8 classes
  • 12 classes/month: $180

Private Sessions
A private session is the most beneficial way to enhance your performance and fulfill your fitness goals. This one-on-one session is tailored to your exact needs and goals. Included is nutritional guidance as well as supplement suggestion to improve your wellness.

  • Individual session: $50
  • 8 sessions/month: $375
  • 12 sessions/month: $500

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