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How To Choose The Right Yoga Instructor

How To Choose The Right Yoga Instructor 


Are you planning to start yoga? That's great! Yoga is a practice created to make the mind, body, and spirit healthy. What most people do to start practicing yoga is to learn the basics by themselves. Using the power of technology and doing your research can provide you with better insight into what yoga is and how to do it! Although, from experience, nothing beats practicing yoga with a good and certified instructor.  


Is it essential to practice yoga with a certified yogi instructor? Do years of experience qualify someone to be a yoga instructor? Does the attitude of a yoga instructor impact your practice? These are the questions we will be answering in this article. But first, let's learn more about why a person practices yoga in the first place. 



What Is Yoga? 


Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India. Yoga involves meditation, movement, posture, and deep breathing executed in the right ways to enhance a person's physical and mental well-being. Yoga has been passed down from generation to generation and later gained popularity in the West around the 1970s. The yoga we know today is a modern approach to yoga and is even characterized as an exercise by many.  


The ancient people of India viewed yoga to be more of a religion that included deep philosophies. Before, ancient yogis would prefer to be trained or would instead get information about yoga from a famous shaman. It just goes to show that even people of the past chose someone they preferred as the right yoga instructor.  



4 Ways Of Knowing The Right Yoga Instructor 


Having the right yoga instructor can push you towards achieving your goals in yoga. You should ask yourself why you decided to practice yoga first and tailor-fit a program that fits your goals. These are the steps to choosing the right instructor:  


 Make Sure The Institution/Person is Certified 


Having a certification means that the person or institution you are working with adheres to the standards for practicing yoga. In the real world, it is also the basis for other benefits such as insurance. Practicing yoga with a certified practitioner will also provide you peace of mind. Because you know that the person you are practicing yoga with has had years of experience.  


 Time Flexible 


Most of us practice or incorporate yoga in our routines because we have time on our hands. Make sure that the yoga instructor you choose is available on the hours you will be practicing yoga. If you are decided on an instructor, you can also tailor-fit your schedule around the instructor's availability. Just keep in mind your priorities when making your schedule. 


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The Right Program 


If you have specific goals to practice yoga like weight loss or to be more limber, you can decide on the right program for your purpose. There are different yoga programs for specific needs, and choosing the right one is easy to do. Even a yoga program that focuses mainly on meditation and deep breathing is perfect for individuals with lung problems. You can also switch programs now, and make sessions more exciting to learn something new. 



 The Right Attitude 


Choosing the right instructor is not based on credentials alone. Choosing an instructor that you can trust and connect with is essential to your growth as a yogi. Every session you attend will be a good experience if your instructor has the right attitude. If you want to have a more active session, choose an instructor with enthusiasm. If you want your sessions to be calm and collective, choose an instructor with a smooth style. Compatibility is critical when it comes to choosing the right instructor for you. 





Choosing the right yoga instructor will determine how effective yoga will be in your life. An instructor that caters to your goals in yoga should be a priority when choosing an instructor. Make sure the instructor is certified with practicing the standards of yoga and is flexible with your priorities. And don't forget to choose the right program since this can significantly increase the chances of achieving your goals with yoga. Lastly, experience is everything, so choose an instructor who will not only provide knowledge but also good memories. Namaste