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10 Motivational Tips For When You Are Struggling To Workout

10 Motivational Tips For When You Are Struggling To Workout

10 Motivational Tips For When You Are Struggling To Workout


The very first thing you need to do is figure out why you are struggling, lack of sleep, time, commitment, knowledge, any excuse that works, what exactly is it? After you have answered this question, then you can move forward. I live my life by the, “Do It NOW Theory”, I believe it works in every aspect of anyones life. Stop waiting for Monday or the first of the month or New Years to start something. Do it now! 


  1. Stop making excuses and make a list of what you want to accomplish from your workouts. Yes, write them down, actually start a journal so you can refer back if/when you get off track. We all have tough days so don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track.
  2. Make your workout just as important as brushing your hair, teeth and every other hygiene regimen. Schedule it into your day at first then consider it routine. I hope you all brush your teeth and hair every day.
  3. No one ever said a workout has to be in a gym so go where you like to be most and get it done. There are so many portable options now for fitness routines that will allow you to get a fantastic workout in wherever you are.
  4. Music or podcasts, pick what works for you. You will be amazed what sound does for your mood. I vary my music tremendously according to my mood and what I am trying to accomplish in my workout. On a big leg day I might opt for some Awolnation while on a cardio day give me Motown.  
  5. Have a friend, co worker or trainer to keep you on track. Look for what’s best for you. I am a trainer but I hired one while I was competing to help me, teach me and keep me on track! Trainers are not just for beginners.
  6. Just Move! Have you ever heard that before? Yes get up and move it will start releasing endorphins that can help motivate you to get the workout done! Your workout does not have to be in the gym! This doesn’t mean you need to get on a pice of equipment or even workout at all in the traditional sense. It means move your body, dance if that’s what makes you happy. Walk your dog around the neighborhood. I see too many people taking their dogs to dog parks, great for your dog but what are you doing??? Get off your phone and get off your butt! See what I am saying? 
  7. FOOD Eat the same way you want to look. Hmmmm, what do I mean by that, imagine you’re a car, do you want to be a Chevy Cruz(no offense) or a Bugatti? OK so the Cruz eats burgers and fries, Bugatti eats Ground turkey with lentils and veggies with a lot of spice of course, it is a Bugatti after all. See where I am going on this? Fuel your body with good nutrition to give you the necessary energy needed to succeed.
  8. Announce to your friends or family or if you are really serious put it out there on social media that you are starting a fitness journey! Just knowing you’ve made the announcement may help you to be held accountable.
  9. Prepare for your workout in advance. If you are going to workout in the morning first thing, lay out your close and anything else you will need so you don’t need to think about it when your brain is still half asleep. If during your lunch break, make sure you leave the house with everything you need. At night, I find this near impossible for me personally because my days are usually 18 hours long and energy is scarce by then but for those of you that are night owls just make sure you have the workout in your schedule and nothing trumps it!
  10. Plan! Have a plan in place for what your intentions are and see to it that you stick to your plan. Key word here is your, it’s not mine or anyone else but yours.

Remember to always listen to your body and treat it well, you only have one. Rest when you’re not well and heal when you are hurt. Taking time off for these reasons is smart just make sure you return to your plan the minute you can. 

Written by Christina Widmark